No, but really. I think working in this industry can make someone go crazy. I don’t let it get to me that much, but there are days that I just shake my head. I had a great conversation last night with a pure athlete who is beyond smart. He reminded me that the selfies and the narcissistic ways of fitness icons are out there, but are not what is truly leading the fitness industry. WE are leading this industry… Those of us that have a belief in HEALTH and not just how great your abs look. (After countless bathroom selfies, they get old) They continue to push sugar free items because they are “low in calories and sugar” when they are forgetting to tell you that the sugar free items you are indulging in are only making you crave MORE SUGAR. It will forever anger me. The complete disregard for HEALTH!! Ugh. So, I will continue to stand on my platform of creating a realistic life of health and happiness. And I may rant and SHOUT every now and then… Just because.

Ahhhhh. I feel much better.