•Stay away from SOY. Ugh, I’m so irritated with people who still drink soy milk. It causes cancer people. Stop!!

•Go on a 12 hour fast everyday. It’s good for the system. Eat your last bite at 8pm and eat breakfast at 8am.

•Please stop with the fad diet shit. I’m so over it… Really, you are going to juice or drink shakes for your entire day then eat a sensible dinner? How long will that last? Just stop. Eat sensibly all day long and eat pancakes on Sunday then go do sprints. Seriously. It’s all about realism and moderation.

•Stop thinking that you have to do hours of sweat sessions in the gym to get results! That hour just made you hungry. I promise you that. Save your time… Work out fast and for short periods and refuel immediately. Easy enough.

•Eat fats!! Eats healthy fats… I’m so tired of hearing that fat makes you fat. Simple sugars and carbs make you fat. Healthy fat makes you full. Avocado and nuts, small portions, all day.

•Dry chicken breasts and broccoli? Are you kidding? Add some spice, add some white wine vinegar. It will make your healthy food taste good, so in turn you will continue to eat it. This is not torture, I promise. Why be so dramatic?

•Figure out what works best for YOU!!! No one can tell you what works for your body but through your own investigation, you will know! Pay attention!! Being healthy and fit HAS to be a lifestyle. It can’t just be a fad. So pay attention and when you see and feel results, keep doing what you did to get you there. It can be so simple…

This has been a rant.