I’ve had a lot of requests lately about food prep and snacks. This is my day for food… I won’t be working out today so there is no need for a big lunch. On a day that I workout, I would make my lunch a salad with chicken and quinoa. To prep for my week I usually cook and package on Sunday. I buy 8 breast of chicken and crockpot them all day with Ortega chilies. I will then use that in kale salad, veggie sauté or quinoa salad for the week. I hard boil my eggs… 10 minutes from the time of boil usually works perfect. Then douse them in cold water and it makes them peel better! Buy your broccoli chopped if needed and mini tomatoes are always convenient. Chop up asparagus, zucchini, carrots and kale on Sunday too. You can use that to snack on or throw into your sauté. Remember convenience is key.. If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. Happy Hump Day friends!! Eat well and smile.

Sidenote: Siggi yogurt is the best I’ve found yet! It’s an Icelandic yogurt, not Greek so it doesn’t have the sour taste. The little container gives you 14 grams of protein and only 110 calories and 11 grams of sugar. Everyone is catching on because its always sold out at Raleys, so get yours early in the week!