Hey all… So I’ve been thinking lately. Yep, just thinking and not writing. Clearly. Sorry about the dry spell.. I’m back!! I have a thought that has been coming to me a lot lately and I’d like to share it. 4 weeks ago I hurt my back and I could not workout. At all. Because I wasn’t working out I started paying more attention to my appetite. It was there, but not at all like when I’m working out. So I ate small portions of protein and healthy carbs throughout the day. I didn’t obsess about food. I just ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was satisfied. I felt fueled and content. Fast forward to this week. I am totally healed and had the time in my schedule to get back to regular workouts. (For me that is 3-4 days a week… 30 minutes of high intensity interval training with weights) As I finished my workout on Monday my stomach started growling. I had eaten a good breakfast and was about due for my snack, but this growl would not be satisfied with just Greek yogurt and a few carrots. No, this growl was the real deal… Like, feed me a sandwich. (My stomach talks to me often) So I did. I went to Rubicon Deli (my fave) and ordered a sandwich on jalapeño cheese bread and I ate the whole thing. This physical feeling I was having tied in with the action of eating a portion that was about 4 times more than I needed, really got me thinking. When we work out TOO MUCH we are then faced with an appetite that is a force to be reckoned with… and most of the time, willpower will lose. You will end up succumbing to your hunger and you are more than likely going to take in more calories than you burned. If you play that game everyday, guess what? You will gain weight. Because now not only are you adding muscle but you are eating more than you are burning! It’s definitely a slippery slope. Find the balance!

This post is merely information for you to try and understand your body. I don’t know what the exact answer is for YOU. So I challenge you to PAY ATTENTION!! If you’re not working out as much, then cut your food intake down. If you are working out harder or more often, make sure you are fueling your body throughout the day with some extra energy (calories). Try everything you can to keep yourself out of hunger oblivion. The more you understand your body, the easier this game of health will become. I promise you that!