My biggest pet peeve is when a client of mine shows me a picture of a fitness model and says she wants to look like her. Ok, let’s be real. You are not a fitness model. If you want to train for a fitness show, I will refer you to someone who can help you with that. I’m a trainer that focuses on realistic goals and living a happy, satisfied life. If you want to look like Jessie Hilgenberg, you’re going to have to train and eat like she does. If you want to look like you only leaner and more toned, then we can talk. Don’t pick a girl as your “goal photo” that is unattainable. You are setting yourself up for failure. Find a picture that is you only stronger and leaner.

This is my motivational picture. Not only for her physique, but it reminds me that I need to hit the track. Sprints are my nemesis. Ack.