Sleep is MANDATORY (yes, that was a shout) in your schedule to achieve your goals. Imperative. Seriously. Without at least 6-8 hours of QUALITY sleep your body is surviving in fight or flight. Lack of sleep will increase your cortisol levels, which will in turn cause over eating and over stimulating with caffeine. Both are detrimental to your fat loss lifestyle. If you’re an insomniac and you know you will be up at 3 am, then you need to adjust your schedule so that you are going to bed by 9pm. No excuses. Make it happen! We are in control of our lives my friends. We are the only ones who make the decisions that help or hurt us. So figure out your schedule. Figure out what you need to get the right amount of sleep for you and make it happen. I’m sorry that we don’t have a bed time and someone to tuck us in as adults at times… Wouldn’t that make everything so much easier? But seriously. GET SOME (enough) SLEEP!!!