Where are you right now compared to where you WANT to be? I’ve been watching some of my clients work out lately. I see them so close to attaining their goals. Consistency is there, intensity is there but yet their desired results aren’t there. What is missing? What is holding them back? Is it one piece to the puzzle or a few different pieces? It has prompted me to talk to them with a bit of an aggressive approach. With this, I encourage you all to do that for yourself. Dig deep. Figure out what it is that is keeping you from attaining your goals. Is it your inability to eat properly? You can’t say no to pizza, burgers or sweets? Maybe your body is hurting and you can’t make it through your workouts? Do you need to foam roll, stretch more or go to yoga? Do you need to get serious about your alcohol consumption and scale it back significantly? Do you need to stop going out to lunch? Do you need to add more “high intensity cardio training” in addition to the classes you take or your training sessions? Do you need to eat more? Do you need to address any emotional issues that may prevent you from attaining your goals? Do you need to drink more water? Do you need to Learn how to grocery shop? Maybe just learn how to eat? So many questions… Ask yourself the questions that matter and get the help to make the changes needed. If you don’t address these things… you are taking one step forward, then two steps back.

Is your time worth that? Just wondering.