I had a thought today as I was in a catered tent at the Golf Tournament in Tahoe. Some people who are on a new path of health may not know how to maneuver a buffet line. Whether its at a wedding or a fully catered event there will always be a buffet line thrown in the mix. My best advice is to always steer clear of the pasta salads, potato salads, bread or any other simple sugar (white) carb. Always go for the meats, salad and fruit. Today I was faced with a hamburger and some salad as my only choice. I went for the hamburger patty, veggies and a small serving of fruit. We sometimes think the fat in meat is bad, but it’s not as bad for you as a loaded up plate of pasta and bread. I promise you this. So think lean and clean, not heavy and white. It’s hard to say no to that hamburger bun, but after you eat and you are feeling satisfied but not full you will appreciate your decision.