“Wearing a bathing suit should not be scary. You would not rather eat cat food than find a bathing suit. You have a stretch mark or two or three but nobody gets arrested for that shit. That shit is okay. I like your thighs. Take care of your feet. You do not have to transform into Lana Del Ray because it is summertime. You do not have to have the flattest stomach. Dance sexy in your bedroom wearing your bathing suit. People are not looking at you as much as they think you are. You will not shape yourself to a lingerie ad. Bikini season is not what it’s called. Other people (even the ones with the bodies you want) are worried about how they look, too. You are an educated young person who knows better and will teach confidence and poise and being a motherfucking boss to those who will soon be ready to release their bossness, too. You will do that in your cute bathing suit. You look nice in your bathing suit.”

The Frenemy.: A Reminder