What have you done for yourself this week to create your own calm? Can you think of anything? If you can’t, I urge you to put a goal into motion for creating calm and peace in your life. Even if its 5 minutes a day or a few hours one day of the week. It is imperative that your soul gets to rest and renew or it just will not give you what you need in return. You need the motivation and drive and energy for the week, but without replenishing yourself you will only drive yourself into the ground. Trust me on this one. Even if it means turning down invitations to events or giving the kids to a your spouse, friend or family member for a few hours, YOU NEED YOU TIME. Cortisol levels raise when you are on constant go mode and high cortisol is detrimental to your health goals in so many ways…. So please. Make it your goal this week to create your time. It will exhilarate you and empower you too, just by making a choice that betters YOU!!
Rest. Relax. Renew.