Well here I go! I’ve waited to talk about this subject, but it’s time. I was in Starbucks today and the woman next to me ordered a venti skinny vanilla latte. I’m sure some book told her that it is the lowest calorie drink at Starbucks so it’s her “go to” drink. I get that. I know the calorie game, as we all play it everyday. I’d like you all to take a moment and think about your health before you order or buy something that contains artificial sweeteners. First off, it’s a chemical made in a lab. Why would you ingest anything that is produced by someone in a lab coat? Second, when aspartame or Sucralose enters your body it immediately turns into a formaldehyde solution as it is heated. Um, gross! Third, when you are craving sugar, you are craving it for a reason! Listen to what your body is asking for and give it the best choice possible. If you are craving sugar it’s is almost definite that your body is needing sugar… Real sugar. When you feed it artificial sugar in a time of craving it doesn’t get fulfilled and just craves more and more sugar. To the point that you lose all of your willpower and will eat a donut or a candy bar. Not to mention when you eat artificial sugar your taste buds think you are eating something sweet so it sends a message to your insulin to get ready to go to work… Then it gets no real sugar and now your insulin is raised and your body is not fulfilled. At all. Oh and now you’re really craving sugar so you may grab a handful of your kids M&M’s or a swig of real soda then the viscous cycle starts all over. I promise you. Calorie counting is not as important as eating WHOLE. REAL. FOOD.

Trust me…. Please?