A sweet little fried of mine has been struggling with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for as long as I have known her. She has struggled with her weight and knew she had to make a change to possibly reverse this syndrome that affects so many women. Her only dream is to be a mommy… She is so amazing with children. My daughter loves her as does ever child that shares space with her. I started a weight loss program called ‘The Biggest Little City Loser’ a few months ago and after long deliberation, she applied for it! I was so happy that she was taking the steps needed to better her health and possibly have babies one day. Fast forward 8 weeks to current time… The program is over and she did amazing! She lost 23 pounds, 21 inches and 4.5% body fat all in only 8 weeks!! She came to 5 classes a week and followed her nutrition guidelines to a T. It wasn’t an easy road, but she and all of the other contestants found a new way to live. She uncovered the person that was hiding inside that was so, so afraid to make a change. After 10 months of not being on the birth control pill to regulate her periods, and having no sign of a period on her own…. I am happy to say that this sweet little friend has started her first cycle on her own!! The possibilities that will follow are staggering. She singlehandedly CHANGED. HER. LIFE. just by making the decision to learn, change and follow through. Now her dreams of being a mother are so much closer and it just makes my heart jump out of my chest to know that she trusted me to help her on this journey. Thank you sweet friend for showing me that true perseverance really does exist. My cup is full. Truly.