So… I’m not a fan of relying on bars for your primary nutrition. However, I live in the same world you all do and I know that everyone gets busy. Some days you will not be prepared with your baggies full of veggies and nuts. If you keep a healthy bar in your gym bag, purse, car, man bag and/or diaper bag… You will always be covered! You should NEVER go more than 3 hours without eating. Your metabolism needs a constant boost with small meals regularly throughout the day. This little gem of a bar is a perfect mini meal in a time of need. I get mine at Whole Foods. I buy the case on Sundays (lots of goodies are on sale there on Sundays) and it lasts me the whole month. I always have one in my bag. Always. So, don’t rely on bars to be your sole nutrition but they are a great addition when a planned meal isn’t available. The keys when looking for bars:
~NO artificial sweeteners (don’t even get me started on this… I will soon I’m sure) this include SUCRALOSE. Yuck.
~NO additives you can’t pronounce or anything that sounds like its made in a lab.
~Try to stay under 20 grams of sugar per bar.

Ok, so there’s your run down on good, fast nutrition when needed.