To eat or not to eat first thing in the morning… That is the question. Some people don’t have an appetite the second their feet hit the ground. My clients always ask for little tricks…. Have your coffee and almond milk with a smidge of raw sugar if needed… Then eat a handful of almonds. This will get your metabolism cranking so you can start your day. Then, when you’re ready for breakfast, a high protein meal is always recommended for satiety and long lasting energy. Some eggs with avocado and salsa is a great choice or protein pancakes. Think about getting out of the habit of having “meals” too… Plan on having 5-6, 250-300 calories feedings per day. Every 2-3 hours. Then lunch isn’t a problem area where you can over eat… Eat half of what you would normally eat at lunch, then eat the other half for your next feeding! Change the mindset, change your life!! That’s all for now! Happy Sunday friends!!