I will start by introducing myself…. My name is Amy Burkett and I am super excited to be here! This blog will serve as my outlet, a guide for all of my amazing clients and a place where anyone can stop by and be inspired. That’s what life really is right? Finding a way to constantly be driven and motivated to never stop and BE. YOUR. BEST. We all hit walls, we all have good days… its a constant roller coaster this life. Man or woman, athlete or couch potato, we all struggle. In my 15 plus years in the fitness industry I would like to think I have it all figured out, but really I am still learning. I want to help you all be happy and healthy…emotionally and physically because it all happens together. You cant have one without the other, so lets start on this journey together! I have ah-haaaa moments every damn day, truly. I want to share them with you all! So follow, laugh, learn and get healthy in the process! My name is Amy and I’m here to rock this…. It’s what I do!