This chapter of my life is called Happiness. This is my Soul Space…

I smile. I sweat. I motivate. I live. Realistically and Beautifully.

The sky is comfort. #AlwaysListening

In times of growth. Evolution. Reading, writing, meditating, asking, listening. My alone time is when Chloe sleeps and I have my one on one with the universe. Doing the work. Making the changes. Being honest with myself and others. Voicing the changes I want to make (Because nothing is more powerful than the spoken word). Solidifying my goals. Day by Day… I’m closer to me. The sky sees it all.



Choose Peace. Because you can.

In the crazy life I live juggling my daughter, a few businesses, my amazing friends and that elusive thing called self care I try and keep my spirituality in check. Tapping into the universe. Reminding myself that I’m not alone on this journey. People will always come and go but your soul is here to stay. If you’re not connecting and paying attention to what’s beneath, you can get lost. Real lost. Then one day you look around and you don’t recognize anything. Most importantly, you don’t recognize yourself.

I could go months or weeks but any time I get face to face with my cards, is a good day. I ask the questions. I put the real stuff out there. The things I struggle verbalizing. I write it in a book, then I ask the universe to help me see myself clearer. Because sometimes the answers you need to hear are hard to hear and we are all getting real good at plot twists.

In all of the spreads I presented to myself tonight, 6 in all. 3 cards per spread, that’s 18 cards. I drew CHOOSE PEACE 5 times. Math isn’t my thing so I don’t have a percentage of the odds… but in my mind, that’s fucking significant. For the same card to turn up 5 times in 18 pulls. Mind. Blown.

Beyond the Semantics.

Choose Peace.

This resonates like a boulder landing on my head. I feel it. In my bones. In my soul. I realize that in the midst of life, our true passion for peace gets dismissed. We want it. We talk about it, but are we living it? With our kids. With our co workers. To our friends. To our enemies. Are we choosing peace? In the midst of so much fear and sadness, how are we placing our stamp of peace in this world? I can tell you how it’s not happening…. The shit talking to someone on Facebook that has a different opinion than you do. The quick loss of composure in a heated conversation. The mean words that slip out when arguing with your significant other. By not listening to your children when they’re trying to communicate because you’re stressed and have other things to worry about. When that man doesn’t hold the door open for you and you call him an asshat. *guilty*

These actions are real and they spread like wildfire. But we have the ability to CHOOSE PEACE in all of these circumstances.

Just stop. Take a moment before you respond to that text that made your blood boil. Take a deep breath. Think of how you can respond as your best self. With the pieces of you that don’t want to live in drama. With the side of you that knows the more good you spread, the more good will come back to you. Every time you help your kids see the positive and feel the positive, the more they will pass that on to their friends because it feels GOOD! Changing the dynamics of positive or negative in your surroundings could be life changing. Directly and indirectly. I challenge you to choose peace.

Today. Tomorrow. On the days when it’s gloomy and you’re in a bad mood. On the days that nothing could go wrong. See them all as equal.

Always lift them to the next level, with peace.

Because you CAN and it will make a difference.


It’s Time.

We are living and breathing in a physical body. Blood pumps, breath moves, we smile, we cry, we gain weight, we lose weight, our skin glows, our hair falls out, our eyes glow, our skin dulls. So many physical reactions happen in our body on a day to day basis. Will we ever understand the magnitude and perfection of our body? Probably not. Can we love and appreciate it more and with unconditional love? Yes. YES!!!! It’s time. 
Tomorrow morning after you get out of bed, before your morning ritual…. I would like you to walk to a mirror and look at yourself. Put your face as close to the mirror as you can. Look into your eyes…. Look past the beauty of the color and shape. Look into your soul, through your eyes. Stare, be memorized by you. Say hello. Remind yourself that you are in there and that beautiful body you are living in needs your attention, love and care. Rub your scalp, feel your hair. Place your hands on your stomach and appreciate your ability to house all of your organs that are constantly beating, pumping, detoxifying and working for you. Place your hands on your thighs, thank your beautiful legs for getting you around with ease. Place your hands on your bottom, (butt, lovely lady lumps, ass) send love and energy into the femininity that is you. The beautiful piece you don’t get to see as much as others do. Physically and emotionally, give your body love. Just as you would to your partner or your child, give that love back to yourself. Continue this practice everyday when you wake. The love given will be felt by your cells and your body will respond in homeostasis. 
This is the first step. 
You are living in a gift. A beautiful, efficient gift. Be thankful. Give back. Love YOU! 

No one said it would be easy. 

Today I was reminded why I became a business owner. An entrepreneur who had a heart too big for my chest and ideas that could change the world. I wanted to be a positive catalyst for health, and happiness. Every day I was invigorated by faith and spiritual blessings that continued to push me to my goal. Having a successful space that helps people. Accomplished. 

Today I was also reminded that life isn’t always sunshine and roses. Some days just fucking suck and no matter how positive you continue to be and the faith you continue to feel, you still get kicked in the dick. Or the shin. Those days should define you. They should show your true grit, your true character. Because the way you respond to drama, trauma and disarray defines you. How do you dig yourself out and remind your soul that this is just a bad day, not a bad life? By letting your belief in the good needing to come with the bad be your guiding light. Not the stardust and unicorn dreams, but the truth. Taking definitive actions to get through the hard times will make you appreciate and revel in the good times. I promise you this. I’m reminding myself too. We all need the reminder. We all need the truth. 

We also need to remember that we have hearts too big for our chest and ideas that could change the world. 


Because, being a hopeful romantic will never go out of style. 

I will never have shame for my hopeful romantic thoughts. The way I believe in love. My feelings about “the one” and “unconditional love” may be different than others, but I’m owning it. I own it. 

I’m 40. *Cough* Almost 41. I believe in a love that I have yet to find. A love that may not start off as rainbows and butterflies but a love that stands the test of hardships, life and social media. A love that bleeds commitment, warmth and support. In this world of ‘there’s always something better out there’ I believe in the truth of finding the right love more than ever. The believers and doers who meet a person they fit with and do everything in their power to keep that love alive. Finding that person who may not be perfect, but their imperfections fit… and that is enough for them. Enough to make it work with every ounce they have. They give support, comfort and they believe in their partner. I have so many beautiful couples in my life living this. I’m so thankful for them, for their truth. They will never say it’s easy, but they will always say it’s worth it. 

Still living. Still learning. Still believing.

In love. 


Being better helps you grow.

Life. It’s like one big continuous lesson. The fruit of our labor. The healing from the pain. The growth from the set backs, will all make us better. Life, if learned properly…. makes us better. 🖤 


Let intention lead. 

This provokes so many thoughts for me and they are big, big thoughts. Like, game changers. Let me explain. 

In the recent weeks I’ve decided to clean up my life. I would say I believe in a solid 80/20 lifestyle for the normal human. 80% clean eating, living, exercising, stretching and 20% whatever makes you feel good but not so clean. Be it chocolate cake, slothing, pizza, wine, wine or wine… you get my point. In the past few months I found myself teetering on the brink of more like 60/40. Let me tell you, 40% of pizza, slothing and wine does not end up feeling good. Anywhere. I’m sure I hid it well. I teach classes and own a gym for God’s sake. I could walk in with a smile and kick some serious butts on a bike and massage some backs and make people laugh. That’s what I do. But I definitely wasn’t feeling the glowing, energetic shine that I know I have. That 40% was dulling my spark. 

My ah ha moment was built on vanity. 

There, I said it. I was finishing having dinner with a dear friend and she was talking to me about starting Whole 30. She said it helped her clean up her nutrition to the point that her baseline was a healthy one and not one that is muddled with toxins. She said it made her feel more in control. Then she stood up and looked at her belly (which wasn’t fat by any means) and she said…. “See this? This shouldn’t be here.” I looked down at my own belly and had my moment. It was there. It was at a place that didn’t feel good for ME. This moment was my motivation. We all live in a state of relativity. We all have our things that get us, that drive us to want to be better. I knew I didn’t feel my spark as much as I should and I knew that poke of my belly shouldn’t feel that way. Your defining moment may look very different, and that’s OK. That’s how it’s supposed to be! The key is to HAVE that defining moment to then realize what it is you want to do to change. 

Winding back to my first statement. Here’s the game changing part. You can’t make the true changes in your life without being present when the unhealthy decisions are being made. Living your life with intent and not habit. *que angels singing* 

Being aware is your first line of defense. When having dinner with friends, why do you choose the burger and fries? Because it’s a habit or because you skillfully thought out your cheat meal for the week? How easy is it to get that burger on lettuce and add a salad… Real easy when your intention is to stay on your healthy path. But guess what?? How easy is it to order that same burger and fries when you walked your ass in that door knowing you were there for the amazing burger and fries? It’s just as easy. Intention. You get home from work and pour a glass of wine. Out of habit. Without paying attention, you’re now down 2 glasses and you haven’t even had dinner yet. Not that this has happened to me, but I’ve heard. *wink* Now, adding the moment of presence is the game changer here. If wine when you walk in the door is a must, then have a glass. Stop there. Intention. Then go about your life because it’s safer and really the right thing to do. *giggle* Make dinner. Eat dinner. Do the dishes. Do homework. Clean. Sit down. Be mindful. Do you want another glass of wine? Yes? Well ok, have it. But be honest, do you really need it? No. Then go to bed and wake up tomorrow kicking ass, sparkling and living in your 80%. Intention

The more you’re aware, the more you’re in control. We will never live the perfectly clean and healthy life. It’s not about that. It’s about living life happily and in blissful moderation. 


Sidenote. This was very cathartic for me. Thanks for listening. xo

Let’s be real. ✌🏽

What you love may not be what your partner loves. What your best friend loves. What your kids love. What your neighbor loves. The beauty is, it doesn’t matter. Define your life by what you love. Set your day to include these things. If it’s reading a book, gardening, working out, vegging out, hiking, painting or singing…. carve out the time and do it. All too often we make our schedule based on what we must do. To make the money, to keep the house clean, to raise the kids, to be an adult. Why can’t you do all of those things and also incorporate at least one of the things you love? You can. 

When you do what you love, your inner self thanks you. It fills up your soul with the sparkly, feel good juju. It not only gives you the peace but it also gives you the feeling of self love. Gratitude. Self worthiness. It reminds you that you are deserving of living a life filled with the things you love. That self love and grace could be a game changer on the days when your only good moment in the day is the one you took to do what you love. There will be days that are so good it will feel like everything you did that day you absolutely loved. That’s the good stuff. The ebb and flow. The good and the bad. Keep consistent. You won’t always know what life will throw your way but you do have the power to face it, one up it… with the things you love. ❤️ 


Comfort zones are for Sissys. *Says the Sissy*

We can all live in the place that makes us feel strong and successful and comfortable. We stay on our path and do what we know. Embellish on our strengths. Perfect our habits. Because why would we step out of our comfort zone? Why would we challenge ourself knowing… we could fail. 

These questions are important. Have you ever asked yourself these very questions in all honesty? I know I haven’t! I’ve lived in my comfort. Doing my best at what I know best. I recently challenged myself to something that was so out of my comfort zone. To be honest, I was fucking terrified. Crossfit. That thing you hear so much about. I’ve talked shit about the sport for years. Why would I ever take the time to learn about it? Do it? Feel it? Well, the answer is…. because I’m afraid of it. And it’s my unknown. Do I feel stronger and more in control of my life only doing that of which I can conquer? Possibly. Errrrr, yes. The answer is yes. Push my ego aside and I will 100% admit I’m afraid to fail. Who isn’t? So WHY wouldn’t we challenge ourself? Why wouldn’t we want to be better? Taking on something that you’re afraid to fail at could by the most empowering step you will ever take. <Enter your biggest fear here> then go do it. Take it on. Challenge yourself and feel your accomplishment at the end. If you can’t complete the challenge, pat yourself on the back for trying. For getting out from under the fear. THAT alone should empower you. 

Your being wants to thrive. Your soul wants to grow. I encourage you… let it feel fear. Let it feel humility. 

Feel humility. 

Let that humility take you out of your comfort and into a world unchartered. Those lessons will define you. Then you will grow. Your conscious will expand. You will take on the things that scare you. You will be better. 

I may not ever be a Crossfit pro, but I can tell you stepping into a world so unknown made me walk out feeling the pride in trying, and that’s really all that mattered. 


Your comfort zone is yawning. You will never do better or live better…. until you feel the fear then BE better. 

You got this. 👊🏼


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